Apex Australia Teenage Fashion Awards

Vikashni, her little sister Susanne and I went off to the APEX Australia Teenage Fashion Awards at the Country Club last Sunday. Photobat sponsored second prize in all three categories of the event but I had no idea how amazing the whole thing would be. To fill you i, each entrant designs and creates their own garments and they, or a friend, models it for them on the stage. There were three categories, evening wear, casual  day wear and fantasy.

The standard of each section blew me away, everyone was so talented. The fantasy section was really impressive, these were garments that are not really made to be worn in everyday situations and were open to the creators imagination.Plus some entrants really researched ideas and themes behind their works, giving them many different levels of creativity and also thought.

Stay tuned for some shots of the winners in the next few months. And well done to APEX Australia for creating such an important event, aimed at inspiring and supporting creativity in teenagers.