Argh… late nights… Getting ready for the flig…

Argh… late nights…

Getting ready for the flight in the large metal bird to a place of questionable safety, or that is what lots of more grown up females keep telling me. I’m sure I’ll be fine in the uk, and to bring out the old chestnut “if we give in to terrorists they have won”. I guess it’s true, but I still think being hit by a car while walking down the street is more likely to happen than getting mixed up in a terror scenario.

I’ve been breaking new ground of late with Photobat. With the advice of others and some common sense I’ve been putting together my new prices and figuring out exactly what it is I’m going to be selling. Add to all that the new logo, business cards and website that is on the way and it’s going to be a big few months.

Also getting a great write up in the gilded Balloon program is also going to do great things for the exhibition. I’m starting to get excited now, I still have no idea what I need to take with me, I’m sure I’ll find out when I get there.

Some things that I will miss because of the UK include, the final episodes of both Lost and Race Around The World, the only 2 shows I tune in for regularly, reading the biography of Alfred Hitchcock that after a year and a half, I’ve managed to get half way through, new wedding magazine launches, snow, The end of big brother (not that I watch it, but I’m sure when I get back someone will start talking about th person who won and I’ll have no idea who they are… hang on… isn’t that every big brother contestant ever???). I’m sure I’ll get a little homesick too.

Lots to get done before I go, new comedian slide show for the laptop and onto DVD, update my phone folio, get all the online selling things in place, and also arrange lots of things that will need to be completed with in the first few weeks of getting back.

Anyway, I hear Hitch calling.