Arriving. I’ve been back over a week now, spe…


I’ve been back over a week now, spent some time in Melbourne on the way through.

The first day I managed to stay up for a long time, I arrived at 4.30am, was picked up by Tom (I delivered him his Bottle of Vodka payment). The rest of the day is a bit of a blur, I know I did some things, I did have a nap in the arvo for a couple of hours and then went to Tom’s wives mum’s place for a family dinner. Directly after that I ended up at the lovely Mel’s for her birthday party, which was quite fun and I was very awake by the time we left.

The next day I had a great day hanging about with Bec, having a very aussie lunch at a pub (the words sangers and pie were used), then just wandering in my jet lagged state until I fell asleep at numerous times through Wallace and Gromit’s movie. I saw just enough of the movie to know what was going on and to spoil most of the main plot twists.

Then off to Queenscliff for a photography seminar, it was interesting to compare the oen I went to in Tasmania with this one. I can say that Tasmania’s had a lot more appeal on many fronts. There was still one thing that was similar between the two seminars, the fact that I was responsible for producing 3 of the 4 images my group put up to win their weekend prize!

All the time I was in Melbourne I was staying with Tom, his with Rebecca and their 2 year old Ella. I had no worries about getting up in the morning; Ella was good at making sure everyone was up. It was really good getting to know them all a bit better and playing with Ella.

When I finally got back into Tas, I did a few things. I threw out 3 bags of rubbish from my office, had my car professionally detailed, put together a 1.5 hour talk on my comedy photo history, threw out some more stuff, hired a book keeper, generally got organised and decided not to get hooked on any TV shows for the next little while (And I used to really enjoy The Mole).

I’m also searching and have most likely found an office, needs a bit of work but hopefully that can all be done fairly quickly and I can be in their by mid November at the latest.

I’ve also managed to catch up with Tim Minchin who did a small tour around Tasmania, play scrabble with some of the guys in Hobart, give my friend Robbie a small scary looking child for his birthday, redistribute a few landscape images I had lying around and they are not positioned nicely on friends walls, and also finish the book Yes Man by Danny Wallace. Go read it, it’s funny and strangely motivating.

So now I’m at the point where there are big changes ahead, all going to be very cool and make me very busy. More about all that a bit later when I actually figure out how to achieve all my new goals!

Plus I have a heap of photos to work on…