Australian​ Awards 2008

I had a message from Tom while I was away letting me know that the 2008 Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards were turning out to be very different from previous years. In a word, it was a bloodbath. Many of great photographers were scoring much l ower than usual, so I was terrified about my images. In the end I did manage to get 3 Silver awards for the below images and I was over the moon about it!

I’m really glad the awards were hard this year. I talked to some photographers and the tough judging is only doing good things for the industry. If what received a gold award the year before, a similar shot probably shouldn’t be getting the same result the next year. The awards are all about improving the industry, and if the similar images keep getting the same awards each year, the industry will not move forwards.

Big congratulations to some of the friends who took out categories this year including Damien Bredberg, Nick Melidonis and Peter Adams. Very big congratulations to Mercury Megaloudis who was one of the many photographers who opened his studio to me when I was first starting out and shared his knowledge. You can see all the top winning images here.

Also, the Tasmanian Division of the AIPP has some really fantastic photographers, quite a few managed to get awards this year which was fantastic to see. It’s not unusual, most years Tasmanians fair very well in the awards. So well done to Alice Bennett, Phil Kuruvita, Richard Bennett, Janie Boyd, Rob Burnett, Sarah McGregor, Janet Perkins, Jan Perkins, David Walker and Ian Wallace for getting more awards for Tasmania!

So my winning images are below, again this year all from commissioned work.

Pip Branson as Rufino the Catalan Casanova, Shot while shooting, Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen in Hobart

Marek, from the British comedy group We Are Klang.

Renne and Nathan. I nearly entered this on last year but changed my mind at the last minute.I’ve regretted not entering, so I had to enter it this time. It’s one of my favourite wedding shots, which is why I have it as a massive canvas in the office!