Australia Day2009

A few photos taken on the drive back from the East Coast on Australia Day, we were up there to shoot a wedding on the Sunday and stayed over to have a good breakfast and take some photos for fun on the way home.

We all had a really nice breakfast at the Village Store and More in St Helens, which has fantastic coffee, great breakfast menu, an Aussie rock singing chef and apologetic waitresses who only apologise about the chef’s singing. I wasn’t worried about the singing, I recognised it as Ruck Rover and surprised the chef by knowing who they were. The place is vintage, you spend most of your time reading the old magazines and newspapers that cover the tables.

On the drive back we stopped in Derby, which is V and my regular stopping spot on the drive back. Zakk and I explored the old grandstand (more photos to come) and then we all discovered that the Devonshire Tea’s at Berrie’s cafe are quite good, plus they gave Kaba a drink.