Autumn 2022 Round Up

Autumn... it's such a tease of a season...

It kicks off with pretending to still be Summer and throws in a couple of random cold previews and then just kicks along giving great light and colours… then right as you get used to that it slams you with the full joy of winter.

This Autumn has been a bit on the crazy side, so many sessions caught up on that were covid delayed and then a heaaaaap of kids and dogs for the Barkology sessions. I also managed to leave the Bayside beaches and photograph some great families in both Tasmania and also up in Brisbane. 

Here is a little taster,  I’ll be blogging some more of these sessions individually soon AND some big things coming in the way of the Barkology book… plus I might sneak in a bit of an exhibition before the end of the year too.

PLUS, if you haven’t already, head over and help one lucky family win the rights to be called our Family of Autumn. Head on over here to vote and you may even win yourself a session!