Bat on Telle Being Filmed and interviewed is somt…

Bat on Telle

Being Filmed and interviewed is somthing I have to work on… the filming part is OK, I just have to work on the answering questions part. I don’t think alot and when someone asks questions I have problems thinking of good things to say… I do think of them about 3 hours later, just not when they are needed.

I was being interviewed for the local ABC program “Stateline” and I was taking photos of a comedian and friend, Andy Muirhead as the thing for them to take some footage off to splice with the talky stuff. We did find things to talk about and we then had to repeat them alot.

Things to look out for are1: the Lenny Henry story I just learnt about from Andy, which is a bit of a twisted version of events that I quite like, but I can’t tell it the same way Andy does so I’m keeping to the truth. 2: I forgot to take off my lens cap and then had to repeat it about 3 times and still have the same stupid expressiona nd say “shut up” to Andy. 3: I didn’t use a mono pod in the first take, and then couldn’t use it for the rest of them, so the photos turned out blurry. 4: listen out for the train, there was lots of train action happening and the sound guy was shaking his head alot. 5: my sunglasses, if you see them let me know.

I think it will be good, Andy said some nice things about me and I said some semi intelligible things about me. I’m sure it will cut together nicely. No idea when it will be on just yet, they are going to film some of the Melbourne Exhibition so it will be mid April at the earliest.