BATBOOTH for the sake of the Prostate


Friday night saw the BATBOOTH heading back to the spectacular Albert Hall. This time we were shooting people to raise some cash for prostate cancer research at Simon’s Cancer Ball. The organiser, Stuart, lost his Dad last year to prostate cancer and out of that sadness came this fantastic night of raising awareness and funds to help fight this cancer.


Some facts I learnt from Dr Harry, who was one of the speakers.

1: Each year more Australian men die of prostate cancer than Australian women die of breast cancer


2: Initial tests for the cancer is a simple blood test




3: Hearing about the further tests for prostate cancer while eating does put you off your food but inturn makes you want to run to your doctor.

So guys, if you are over 50 and haven’t started to have an annual test you better start as 1 in 11 men are going to get this. The odds aren’t great.


This was one of the best charity balls I have been to, organised by very enthusiastic and dedicated team who put in many hours of work to get this together. I have no idea what the amount raised on the night was, but we will be adding to it with $10 from each print sale heading off to add to the total.


And again finally, over 50, male SEE YOUR DOCTOR.

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