Bayside At Home captures the families of Bayside and tells their stories of the first COVID lockdown in 2020.

This was a pure community based project to capture what was a unique experience for all families. There was no cost to all the families involved, it just didn’t feel right charging to capture something historic that we were all going through.

The Book

The book was produced and sold at cost to the families involved. 

A4 Landscape 297 x 210mm, 186 pages on Satin 150gsm paper.

It won a Bronze Award at the Iris Awards in 2021. 

The Exhibition

November 3-22 2022 at the Beaumaris Library and around the Concourse Shopping Prescient. Printed on Ilfotex and hung directly onto the walls and windows.

A trail of A1 coreflute signs linking the library to the Concourse were also produced, putting the images directly out in the community.

Produced in partnership with the Bayside Library Service and Bayside City Council.