Beach Playing | Family Portrait Beaumaris

Growing up in a city where the closest beach was about 45 minutes away or a two-hour drive to the grandparents, it was always a novelty. A visit was always filled with buckets, shovels, splashing, imagining and full on exploration. 

And now I live by the beach, and it’s generally where I work these days too…, and every time I photograph a family portrait at the beach, all those things from my rare beach trips come back, but this time for families who are beach regulars. The magic of the beach, the shells, the “jungles”, the games, and the spashes, never get old.  

I think it also brings out a sense of play for the parents too, and it’s a pretty safe space to let the kids go crazy and be themselves… all of which you can see in this morning shoot with the Watkins family. 

Plus, you can generally bring the dog along for extra play/chaos 🙂 

I particularly love the different photos that typically happen when you put the girls together and the boys together!

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