Beautiful Empire

The posters are up! All over the place you should be seeing a selection of these images displaying the work of Tara Badcock and Monique Germon. It’s all part of Design Island which is on around Tasmania at the moment. The shots were taken in Hobart and also out near New Norfolk.

I’ve always been a big fan of Tara’s work, I didn’t know much about Monique’s work before; but i’m a fan of it now i’ve seen it.


The whole shoot was probably the most involved lightingI have undertaken in a long time, reflectors, off caera flash and even mixing it all with video light. Lots of fun


Big thanks to Zakk and Rainier who did a very good job of holding all the lighting equipment

Fashion by Tara Badcock and Monique Germon for BEAUTIFUL EMPIRE project: as part of Tasmania’s Design Island 2008: Crossing Hemispheres, in May.

For more information about BEAUTIFUL EMPIRE, please view the blog (link is below), for updates during the coming weeks.


Photography: Alan Moyle (photobat)
Models: Mandy Renard and Anoushka Hughes.