Before we chat

Welcome! I'm so excited to chat with you soon!

What is the planning call for?

Before we book in a session, we like to run you through all that we do at Photobat.

  • Find out about what you, your family and how we can make the best photoshoot for you.
  • Explain the whole Photobat portrait way.
  • Discuss about all the location options we can do.
  • Best times for the portrait session
  • Run through all the artwork and digital options you can do with your photos.
  • And find out a time we can book your session in!

Usually calls take about 15-20 minutes to run through how the sessions work, how you some artwork options and also find out what you would love in your portraits. 

We prefer to jump on zoom so we can show you examples of portrait styles, locations ideas, different artwork styles and also show you how we can visualise your artwork in your home virtually. 

It's always good to have to bounce ideas around for the session, talk about how you would both love to display your photos, where in your home you might like to put your artwork. Plus, It's always good to have all the major players involved in the planning call so everyone has all the information.

If only one of you can come along, that is fine too.

What next?