Bert | Portrait Photography Melbourne

Bert’s granddaughter Katherine sent me a message a while ago saying how awesome her grandfather is. Bert is 99, still lives at the place he moved into during the 4o’s and is just a bit of a legend.

Bert and his wife raised their family in this home, it’s like a real home, with real character unlike the looming uncharacteristic box houses that have “grown over” the neighbourhood.

Having a chat with Bert was great, hearing stories of when he was involved in the flight training at the airport during the war, riding his bike to work to the various different jobs he did in his time all over Melbourne. His passion for photography too, with large landscape prints and a heaps of family photos dotted around the house.

As a man who isn’t that good with his tools (I’m allergic to Bunnings) I was so impressed that many of the really fantastic pieces of furniture in the house were made from scratch by Bert. The French polished wardrobe is simply beautiful.

I wonder what it will be like in 60 years time, will the young adults of the day have as much envy and admiration for us and our Ikea cupboards and lifeless box houses?