Bird Boys

Some shots from a fun shoot I had the other week, this is Caylan and Edan shot at their grandmother’s house in St Leonards.

Caylan has a habit of playing in the blue metal and making large pot holes in one spot and then little speed bumps in another.

Caylan was about to jump over a fence to show me the carrots in the garden, his mother and I persuaded him that we should go to the front yard… I was later informed that we were not heading towards carrots, but we were heading directly for the septic tanks outlet. So good save by mum!

It’s obvious that these brothers really love each other, Caylan actually took the time to get a few pieces of wood to make a seat for him and his brother.

The background shed is in the middle of a paddock and is a bit ugly. Edan’s mum couldn’t see why i wanted the boys over near it. Once she saw this shot, she understood completely! Matching colours and out of focus texture. My favoutires!

Little kids love to get close to the camera, most of the time they get too close for the camera to focus. Luckily i managed to snap this one off just before he got too close.