Bird Family | Family Portrait Launceston Tasmania

I was just searching through the Batblog and realised that these guys post didn’t go up! I’m sure Mum Belinda is out there thinking “my boys aren’t good enough for the Batblog, He must hate us”. And it’s not the case at all, this was a challenging shoot, but, as Ben Lee says “That’s the way i like it”. This wasn’t the first time we had met, these boys have such distinct personalities and it is really fun trying to catpure them all in the one photo.

And, while we are at it, let’s chuck into the session the cousins, Dylan, India and Zain. That was also a heap of fu, 6 kids, all in the one shot all looking good. As usual, rising to the challenge (like Rocky) we knocked it off in no time.

And while we are at it, let’s throw in another cousin! Lily won the prize for best 6 month old on the day! Go Lily!

It’s not a bad idea, getting all the family together and getting them all shot at the one time. Infact, we have somthing like that being launched on Monday, our Openday/Cupcake day. 11am – 7pm at Photobat World HQ, Level 3 Holyman House, 52 Brisbane Street. Come along and join the fun!