Black Box | Cool Photobat Stuff

For something a little different we now have our awesome image boxes available in black. The edges and inside of the box are black with a canvas printed photo from your session on the front. Each box comes with 15 prints and is pretty cool. We still have the white ones too, so depending on what image you would like one the front and where you would like to display it in your home will depend on what colour we would reccomend to you.
We had this one made for Bianca’s Natural Light Session and it looks fantastic, so fantastic that we wish we made one for us to keep. Then again everything we create for our clients we tend to want a copy for ourselves too.

Image boxes are available for every portrait session, and now come with a specially priced wall art to finish off your collection.

Stay tuned as we will be releasing the last Natural Light Session dates for the year early next week.