Blunty3000 is a Tamsnian based video blogger who has become a bit of a sensation on You Tube, some of his videos have even been posted on You Tube’s front page.


So i decided it was time i took his photo, we headed off to a church i loked the look of and had a great idea for a shot, but the light was all wrong there so we moved down the side of the church. There are some great shots there of Blunty sho really just stumbbled upon the video blogging thing in answer to being bored. He has just got back from a major comic convention in the US, his trip over and accomadation was looked after by Paramount!

His other videos include animating lego, which was featured on ABC2 in Australia.

Check out what happened when he videoed me! 

Check his youtube site out at

And his animation site here

Shot for my portrait of the week