Brian Brian Blanchard was last week’s portrait…


Brian Blanchard was last week’s portrait of the week. He was introduced to me by a friend who used to sell him coffee. Brian is one of those old guys that really don’t seem all that old. Of course us “youngsters” differently around them but they give of the vibe of being young and full of energy.

Brian is a painter. He moved to Tasmania in the 80’s and lives in a house he and his wife renovated in Trevallyn. His wife, , is also a painter and there is a distinct lack of wall space throughout all the rooms I walk through. Some scenes, some still life, some portraits including Brian’s latest self portrait which is sitting almost life size on his easel. Apparently the model for this self portrait is one of the only people with time to sit for him.

Brian has a few trademarks, I hadn’t known him long but I knew that his smile was well known, his wit and the cap. Well, it’s not really the cap, it’s the caps. There are quite a few apparently and all the self portraits that are visible in his studio have a cap.

I was acully offered a painting to keep, after about 15 minutes of being shown many different styles and sizes, I gave up. The choosing of a painting was going to take a while, so I will return and swap a print for a painting. I’m looking forward to returning for that painting.