Brighton Beach Boxes Family Portrait

The Brighton beach boxes, an iconic spot in Victoria and a place I tended to avoid for family portrait sessions. And after 9 years of living in Melbourne I finally photographed one there, and not because of it’s iconic ness but because it is where the family love to go. And I admit, it’s a pretty cool spot for a family portrait!

Umesh picked up a Mother’s Day voucher for Emily (Or was that Umesh was directed to a voucher) 6 months ago but a certain pandemic got in the way of us doing the shoot. Of course, the upside of that was that the very popular spot was free of tourists.

And what a fun shoot it was, we were joined by Teddy and Baby, Ted and Bea’s besties. I do love photographing kids with their favourite toys, it can be a great ice breaker on the session and get some great smiles when they “help” take some photos with me.

Most sessions we kick off with “I need someone to help test my camera is working” which is where I get some straight looking at the camera shots of the kids and then we jump into the fairly straight whole family looking towards the camera.

Family Photography

And then we get into all the fun!

Letting the kids direct what happens, looking around the beach finding stuff and just being kids. I find it’s important for the kids to have “breaks” during the session to keep them motivated for the photos.

We then headed back into some more fun photos with Mum and Dad using one of the iconic boxes that matched their outfits perfectly. And then off we were again letting the kids be kids and capturing some great shots of them being just fantastic little people.

Thanks again Umesh, Em, Ted, Bea, Teddy and Baby for being so much fun to photograph!