Bye Bye Laptop

The Laptop has met an untimely death. Storm damage. Window blew open. Rain came in. Laptop was on. I wasn’t in the office. More rain came in. More rain came in. Laptop was still on. More rain came in. Rain stopped. I came in. I swore. It is now in laptop heaven.

So all is kind of on hold. The laptop was the main comminication centre, so email is a little limited at the moment, plus accounting, plus newsletter that had just been written.

So we apologise for any inconveniance and slowness in getting back to you. We havn’t lost anything, just a bit of computer and a heap of time.

On the plus side if you are in Hobart this weekend pop into the Derwent Entertainment Centre and check us out at the Bride Tasmania Wedding Expo. We have somthing new to show you. Tell your friends, family, anyone who is getting, would like to or has a strange fascination with weddings to come and see us!