Camera, Camera, Camera, Camera (repeat!) I don’…

Camera, Camera, Camera, Camera (repeat!)

I don’t’ think I’ve had a wedding where the couple was photographed so much. It seems that Renee’s family likes to take a photo or 100! It was a great day starting off with Bacon and eggs on the BBQ, Nathan’s best man was stuck in Port Headland due to a cyclone and couldn’t get out, so there was some shuffling of the guys and all the roles were filled.

Renee had her 4 sisters as attendants and they were all ready a good hour before they were due to leave! The wedding was held at Renne’s family church in Kingston
Nathan only realised after the ceremony that they had put the ring on the wrong hand!We then heading off towards Peppermint Bay for some photos and the reception.

We stopped at a beach and an apple packing shed for photos, the apple shed is my favourite location of the year! We had perfect conditions, great clouds and nice light, and the photos are really different! I managed to get Renee and Nathan away from the group for some time to themselves where we also managed to get some fun and loving shots!

It was great to see the cake too! Renee’s sister Monica made it, and I wish I was there to eat some of it!

Good Luck to Renne and Nathan in sorting out all those photos when they return from the UK!