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Apr 03

I’m not scared of Autism…

I'm not scared of Autism. I remember clearly someone ringing me and enquiring if I photograph kids on the spectrum "because the last photographer she talked to didn't" To be clear, that photographer probably was scared, had a bad experience or just didn't know how awesome kids on the spectrum can be. Over...
Mar 13

Kids Will Be Kids! | Generational Family Portrait Bayside

The beach really is a great place for a family photo. Again, really special to have a heap of family together, especially when they have travelled from all over the place to be here. The beach can be a little bit of a problem if the temperature cracks the mid...
Mar 13

The UK Cousins visit | Beach Generational Family Portrait

It's pretty special when you can get the whole family together for Christmas, and super dooper extra special when you can get the family who live on the otherside of the planet to come over.We had a small window for this session, and the date we had threw some fun...
Mar 13

Beach Playing | Family Portrait Beaumaris

Growing up in a city where the closest beach was about 45 minutes away or a two-hour drive to the grandparents, it was always a novelty. A visit was always filled with buckets, shovels, splashing, imagining and full on exploration.  And now I live by the beach, and it's generally...
Mar 12

Jumping and Riding | Home Family Portrait Launceston

The best thing about being a family photographer is coming back and meeting the family when it's been added to. This was a close call because this cute duo is about to (or maybe already had) add another explosion of cuteness to the family!  I do love a home session,...
Mar 10

How to be awesome | Sunrise bayside beach family portrait

Sometimes you have to wait for the dates, weather and universe to align for the perfect beach family portrait session to happen. With December being so... let's say, unfriendly" and then January being crazy, we finally got this family in front of the lens in February... and it was totally...
Mar 10

Home and the Cliffs : Summer Family Portrait Bayside

This family portrait was planned out REALLY well! Whenever I ask about families in planning, it's really great to share as much as you can think of that your family love doing. Of course, we could have headed straight to the beach and got all the great and fun shots......
Jan 14
at home

12 Days in January

The start of 2023 was a bit of downtime, and time to turn my camera on our life. Not sitting and smiling at the camera, but just capturing what we were doing.From the fun to the mundane.Enjoy.Also, there is a behind the scenes video with the editing and the stories...
Dec 18

Christmas 2022

Dec 05

11 Gift Ideas For People Who Want To Be Amazing This Christmas

There are some really cool things out there for Christmas gifts for the ones you love... and if you are like me you probably had a good idea and then forgot what the gift was! Well to help you out, here are some awesome finds for almost anyone! SUNNY KING...
Nov 14

The Last Wedding

I was given the option last year... be a groomsman or be a photographer.  Instant decision. Photographer. Why? Well, it means I can be helpful and hang out with my friends, boys and girls throughout the day. Plus I knew what they were looking for in terms of photos and...
Nov 01

I quit.

From the first wedding... hot hot was sepia? 20 years ago today I photographed my first wedding. This Saturday I photograph my last*.  And I'm not sure if I'm ok with it... Let's back up 21 years ago, (holy bad word, that's half my life ago)I'd just finished uni, I was...