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Jan 14
at home

12 Days in January

The start of 2023 was a bit of downtime, and time to turn my camera on our life. Not sitting and smiling at the camera, but just capturing what we were doing.From the fun to the mundane.Enjoy.Also, there is a behind the scenes video with the editing and the stories...
Dec 18

Christmas 2022

Dec 05

11 Gift Ideas For People Who Want To Be Amazing This Christmas

There are some really cool things out there for Christmas gifts for the ones you love... and if you are like me you probably had a good idea and then forgot what the gift was! Well to help you out, here are some awesome finds for almost anyone! SUNNY KING...
Nov 14

The Last Wedding

I was given the option last year... be a groomsman or be a photographer.  Instant decision. Photographer. Why? Well, it means I can be helpful and hang out with my friends, boys and girls throughout the day. Plus I knew what they were looking for in terms of photos and...
Nov 01

I quit.

From the first wedding... hot hot was sepia? 20 years ago today I photographed my first wedding. This Saturday I photograph my last*.  And I'm not sure if I'm ok with it... Let's back up 21 years ago, (holy bad word, that's half my life ago)I'd just finished uni, I was...
Aug 16

My Wild Week In New Zealand | Awards

The last few days I've had a pretty wild ride over in Nelson New Zealand... and I didn't even leave the country! Last year the Austrlian Institiue of Professional Photography folded leaving a massive hole in the Australian photography industry and meant that the Australian Professional Photography Awards also died.Luckily, the...
Aug 15

Donut Hunting | Melbourne Holiday Family Portrait

Life gets pretty busy for families. One of the absolute best ways to disconnect from reality and hang out together is to go on an adventure, which is what The Quill's did a couple of weeks back. They left Launceston behind and headed to Melbourne for a bit of random...
Aug 03

Rauch Family | Braeside Park Family Portrait

When designing the Rauch family portrait location, the one big thing was we had to be in Nature. So off to Braeside we adventured, and this time the locations were a little off the regular tracks... there was a lot of rabbit watching going on, which is appropriate because back...
Jul 12

Why Winter Is Awesome For Portraits

Yes, it's getting cold but that doesn't mean you need to hold off until it gets warmer for that family portrait. Some of my absolute favorite sessions happen in the cooler months. Yes even here in Melbourne where the weather is totally changeable there is a heap of good things...
Jul 12

A Decade of Melbourne Fun

Whoa! 10 years as a Victorian! It's highly likely that at some stage that I've mentioned I'm from Tasmania. The Photobat name was actually born in Melbourne wayyyy back in 1999 when I had to create an email address for uni. I was studying photography at RMIT and I was...
Jun 15

Autumn 2022 Round Up

Autumn... it's such a tease of a season... It kicks off with pretending to still be Summer and throws in a couple of random cold previews and then just kicks along giving great light and colours... then right as you get used to that it slams you with the full...
May 11

2022 Comedy Festival Polaroids

Old and new friends. Just for fun. All shot on a vintage Polaroid SLR680 camera with 600 Black and White film.