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May 11

2022 Comedy Festival Polaroids

Old and new friends. Just for fun. All shot on a vintage Polaroid SLR680 camera with 600 Black and White film. 
May 11
Behind the scenes

2022 Melbourne Comedy Festival Snap Highlights

Hi! Some photos here that I was luckily enough to be commissioned to shoot around the Melbourne Comedy Festival this year.  And if you are wondering how or why I got to do this... it's storytime.  Way back on the 25th of February 1998 I dropped into a live comedy...
Feb 15

Intregal Cognition Exhibition – People’s Choice Award

A big thank you for everyone who visited and voted for Intregal Cognition at the Ballarat International Foto Bienalle. I'm pretty stoked that it did indeed win the People Choice Award! For those who couldn't make it to the Hydrant Food Hall to see it I've included some photos below....
Nov 18

My AIPP History

Some thoughts on the end of an era Way back 15 years ago when I first started this blog, the posts were a bit like a letter to old friends. The one's I used to write on the train as I went too and from Uni to friends back in...
Oct 31

Halloween 2021

A little pop up studio fun for the families in our local area. Two set ups in two locations! If you are in them. please grab them! A tag for photobat if sharing online is always appreciated! Alan
Sep 23

5 School Holiday Ideas For Families

This is a big of a lockdown school holiday list, of course you don't have to be locked down to enjoy this fun! Get out and do some things with the kids, or better yet just leave them to do it by themselves! Texas Snow Ball Fight  I only learnt...
edithvale beach boxes Melbourne family photographer
Jul 20
at home

2021… The story so far | Melbourne Family Photographer

2021 has been a fun ride here, being a Melbourne family photographer I've been out and about a heap capturing families connecting together. I've had the joys of heading south to Tasmania a couple of times to photograph families all over Tasmania but it seems like the Melbourne beaches are...
Jul 13

The top three kids books to make you snort

I've become a little obsessed with kids story books. As a Dad I love reading books to my kids... but these ones here aren't the best ones for settling down the little ones before a good nights sleep! I know that a sense of humour is really important for kids to...
Feb 17

The top 7 Frequently Asked Questions About Beach Family Portraits | Bayside Family POrtrait Photographer

Shot taken just as the sun was setting It’s hard to avoid here in Bayside, we have a heap of amazing beaches and we are a pretty beach centric community. From nippers, dog walking, swimming, paddle boarding and just taking the kids for a splash, the Bay is a huge...
Dec 12


Time for day 12 and it's Photobat! A business I've come to know very well over the last 20 years from when I started it! When I get asked what I do, I always tell people that I photograph people in a way that they have a heap of fun...
Dec 11

Quest Cheltenham – 12 Days of Bayside Christmas

When you think of big chain hotels, you don't really think too much about who owns them, I was delighted to meet Nikki from Quest Cheltenham who happens to own this beautiful set of self contained apartments. I hadn't been inside before and I managed to sneak a little tour....
Dec 10

YOUR LOCAL PROVIDORE – 12 Days of Bayside Christmas

For anyone who pays attention, you would know that my local go to for coffee is Two Bob Snob in Cheltenham, but what a lot of people don't know is that it has s sister store just around the corner that does the same quality coffee and food but also...