Central Hotel Zeehan | Photo Documentary

If you don’t know where Zeehan is, well it’s on the west coast and is well known for it’s mines. Not a lot seems to happen there but it’s an interesting little place.

My Grandparents used to own the Central Hotel in the middle of Zeehan and my dad, aunts and uncles grew up there. Last year we were passing through and saw the door was open. After wandering in and introducing ourselves the new owner gave us a look about. It’s interesting to wander the building that my Dad used to run around in.

I took some shots which is what this post it all about. The Hotel had fallen into disrepair over the last few years but is now on the way back up. Apparently there was a swamp where the kitchen was.

Look out for some misspelling and also the original licence that Vikashni spotted with my grandparents names on it.