WANTED: Happy 4 to 10-Years-Old to help raise funds for charity!

Imagine a world where every child spent their days living confident and free to be the most unique, spirited and HAPPY version of themselves.

A world where social media, school yard bullying, societal pressures or adult stresses don’t influence their wellbeing.

And I’m sure there is one thing as parents we can all agree on, we just want our kids to be … HAPPY.

Hi! I’m Alan Moyle from Photobat. And I’m on a mission.

This International Children’s Week, I’m on a mission to help build kids confidence, allowing their own special kind of AWESOME to shine through.

How will I do this? Through the magic of PHOTOGRAPHS.

When kids see themselves in Photographs, they get this INSTANT confidence boost as well as a sense of pride and belonging.

They’re totally chuffed and impressed with how COOL they are.

Seeing these Photographs daily is a reminder of how AWESOME and loved they are!

THIS is the SUPERPOWER of Photographs.

Photographs show kids how the world REALLY sees them – cheeky, fun, adventurous, crazy, creative … HAPPY. 

Seeing photographs of themselves cultivates self-love and reminds them THEY ARE LOVED.

The Happy 2024 Project includes:

Total Value $585 for only $85
Price including a $50 donation and $35 for the book.

IMPORTANT: We only have 20 places available for this project, when they are gone we can’t open more due to exhibition space. 

Here is a chance to do something special for your kids and support a worthy cause in the process.

We will be deciding on the cause closer to the date, last year we raised over $1000 for Life’s Little Treasures



Please fill in your details and we will be in touch once we launch this project in late August. Filling in this form will get your first dibs on being part of the happiness.

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What does a Photobat HAPPY 2024 Experience Involve?

Session Planning Call

How can I take your portrait if I don't know you! This call is all about finding out your amazing child, and designing their photo that you and they will love.

The Portrait Session

Your portrait session will be at our temporary studio in Moorabbin. Sessions will last 20 - 30 minutes and include a heap of laughter.

Personalised Viewing and Design Session

Once I've added some additional magic to your images we will jump onto Zoom and I'll guide you through them and give you some ideas on how to best to turn them into artwork that suits your home.


Each session includes a digital file of your favourite photo and also $100 towards your own custom wall art.

PLUS goodie bag for the kids at the Exhibition launch.

The HAPPY 2024 Exhibition and Book

Our International Children's Week Exhibition exhibition will be on the walls in late October and a gorgeous soft cover A5 book, printed on high end premium papers by an award winning local Australian company.

Your Donation

Your $50 donation will go straight to a charity we will announce later in the year. It will be a charity that ties in with the local community and kids and happiness!

Happy 2024 Project Timeline

September 1st – Applications Open

September 15th – Applications Close

September 7th-22nd – Happy Photography Sessions Take Place

September 24th – Additional Book Orders Close

October 19th – Exhibition Opening and Book Launch, TBC, Bayside

October 26th – Exhibition Closes 

Ready help your kid's confidence and raise some funds for premature babies and their families?

Nice words from some of our awesome families.

What is a Photobat? And who is this Alan guy?

Hi, I’m Alan the photographer and everything else at Photobat. I’m a life long photographer, starting in grade 5! I’m a Dad, husband and pet wrangler or two cats and a gassy dog. I often subject my family to dress in onesies for family photos.

I grew up being dragged each year to portrait studios and made to sit on a weird couch, put my arm awkwardly on my brother (who smells) and say “CHEESE” into the camera as a man squeezed a little squeaky toy. I didn’t like that and that is why I choose to take portraits that are full of fun and personality! Nothing boring! 

It’s why I often have to change my clothes at the end of a session (wet, dirty and often a mix of both). I love channeling a families energy, fun and uniqueness into fun sessions and then turn them into artwork that make you smile and your friends say “That’s so you” when they see them on your wall.

FAQ + Not So FAQ

For the $85 participation fee you will receive: 

You get a Photobat Kids Studio Experience, including a planning session, to get to know your kids and work out what we will do in the session. The photography session itself and a personalised purchasing appointment (valued at $265)

A digital file and $100 towards any additional artwork purchased.

A double page spread in the Happy 24 book.

A copy of the 2024 Happy Book

The photos taken on the session are not included. 

At your purchasing appointment you will get to see the whole collection of photos from your session with us and you can purchase prints, artwork, albums and digital files if you wish to. 

There will also be some custom and unique artwork options and special offers for all participants.

Additional books will be available to order by the 24th of September. As we plan on just doing one print run for the number of books ordered there may not be the option to purchase additional after this date.

Good question! We are up front with all our pricing of our beautiful artwork. Our artworks range from $185-$2590. An introduction to all the presentation options and pricing is available here.

We will also have a HAPPY23 special available and some exclusive products and artwork that are unique for this project.

Normally we love to include a full family portrait with your session, we may be able to do this, it will just depend on timing. But if we can’t we will work out something else for you!

Once we have found the top top photos that you will love, we jump onto Zoom and I’ll guide you through them and work with you which ones you love and also help you choose what will suit you and your home the best.

Just get them all! Seriously you can…. even more seriously over the last20 years we have been helping people choose their artworks and have many great ways to help you. 

Yes, we have a couple of payment plan options.
We can do in-house payment plans for up to 3 months with at least a 30% deposit.

We also use Payright to help our clients have more options regarding payment.

You pay a deposit of at least 10 percent, and Payright pay the balance on your behalf, straight away, and you can spread payment over 3,6,9 or 12 months.

What this means is that you receive your artwork straight away right away!

We ask that you allow 4-6 weeks for your artwork to arrive in our studio or to be shipped directly to you. 

  • With all Photobat Gift Vouchers, your Photobat Portrait Experience must be booked prior to the registration date, but the actual photography session can be held up to 4 months after.
  • Spaces are limited in the book and shoots are subject to availability.
  • Only One Viewing + Design sessions in included per photography session and all orders and payment are completed at this time. To make sure you receive any bonuses goodies, vouchers/product credits, we ask that ALL decision makers are present at the Viewing + Design Session.
  • Your Photobat Portrait package credit is not redeemable for cash, cannot be used with any other offer and is not transferable.  Any offers cannot be used towards prior photography sessions. Wall art credit is only applicable to wall art purchases.
  • If you live a bit away from Beaumaris, Victoria we  may change a small travel fee.
  • A guide to prices and products can be viewed on our website at HERE.

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