Clare and Corey

 Last weekend was Corey and Clare’s turn to swap rings in front of family and friends. Yet again it was a couple coming home to get married as these guys now live in the very cool suburb of Yarraville in Melbounre. There were so many cute kids at this wedding! All the little dressed up kids were betwen 4 and 5 and looked cute in their wedding clothes.

The ceremony was held in Launceston’s city park, which is actually the first time I’ve had a ceremony there!

So naturally we took a few shots around the park, dodging the other bridal parties who were also having photos around the park, I think we ran into another three weddings on the day!

We then went for a little walk to the Grand Chancellor where the reception was being held, taking some more urban shots along the way using some of the great urban locations Launceston has to offer.

It was quite different to have everything in walking distance from the reception, sucha  relief not having to jump in and out of cars all day. It was a really was a great day. Congratulations again Clare and Corey! I can’t wait to get your proofs to you!