Cleaning and Cleanering I’m sneezing. Means I’v…

Cleaning and Cleanering

I’m sneezing. Means I’ve been making a bit of a dust storm doing the spring cleaning. It’s more of a Spring Organise than clean. The bookwork is up to date and in a friendlier format so it won’t take me ages to get it done. I’ve moved my BAS payments to monthly instead of quarterly, that way it will only have about 30 minutes a month rather than 4 hours each quarter where I try to figure out who paid my $22 via a direct deposit to my bank account and they didn’t tell me a receipt no.

I’ve also decided that the old exhibition prints have been sitting about for too long and they need to be hung somewhere and sold or melted down to create something I’ve been wanting for ages. From my first exhibition in 2001 I still have a heap of framed prints that have been sitting about for 3 years. I’m going to take out the landscapes from the frames and put in some different photos. I will have a set of about 15 frames to do mini exhibitions with.

If you want a cheap landscape print, let me know, prices start from $33!!! There will be a heap of matted prints to go. Hey, it’s nearly Christmas, so thing about others who may like something for their wall.

I even cleaned out my filing cabinet, lots of useless bits of paper in there, they may have been useful a while ago but not now, I just hope they don’t become useful next week.

All the boxes that I attack every time I need a piece of cardboard to put into an envelope have all been cut up and flattened, making a large area free for more things to gather and eventually be thrown out in years to come.

Ok, time for more sneezing.