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Andrew and Liz are both old Hobartians, meeting at Rosny College, and proving that the world is all interconnected (parents of 2 of my friends were at the wedding!). They no live up in Sydney and came back home to get married.

It was a stinking hot day, I think it was about 400 degrees in the church, about 300 degrees outside in the sun and about a million degrees in my suit!

Andrew and the boys took it easy in the morning hanging out at his Dad’s place, which has a great view of the Derwent and Hobart.

While the girls had their hair done in New Town before heading up to Glenorchy to Liz’s parents place, which has the spectacular opposite view of Andrew’s dad’s place.
No hiccups, the bride arrived on time in the cool white jags. The page boy did upstage Liz’s big entrance by drowning out the music with his crying, which managed to get in the church everyone laughing.

I always keep an eye out for locations that will suit the colour theme of the wedding, and having all the girls in navy and the boys in a sandy brown, I knew of just the place. The Federation Concert Hall proved to be a winner, and best of all it was in the shade (As in good light but more importantly, much much cooler!)

We all departed off to Kangaroo point, in Bellerieve for some more photos, which is one of my favourite locations for wedding photos in Hobart. Actually, it’s good but when it pours the night before and the trenches fill up with water and mud, it’s not so nice for the brides dress. Still, without getting the bride dirty we found some great spots.

It was an interesting shoe wedding, with confusion on the boys and girls sides asto what colour shoes were to be worn, it turned out that all the shoes were not only different styles but also different colours! And no one cared a bit about it!

The day finished with the reception at Coal Valley Vineyard, which has a great outdoor area which was mostly in shade for the pre dinner drinks.

It was a great wedding with smiles all round, I had a great time and was thoroughly exhausted at the end of the day. Big thanks to the bridal party for being fun with Jeff being Most up for a spontaneous photo and Nick for his bad jokes!