Comedy Festival

3 days is rally not enough time to go to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, especially when there are so many shows on at the same time and they are all worth seeing. In my 3 nights I saw 6 shows, 2 shows a night is all I can handle I’ve tried 3 or 4 shows a night in the past but it really kills the experience for me, I can never remember what the shows were like.

So my recommendations are to go see Sammy J in Cyclone, and Hounds of the Baskervilles. Both really great shows, but I have to also mention Wellington Who, We Are Klang (pictured), Beastly, What Would Batman Do, Andy Muirhead (go the last night, should be a great one!). All the shows I saw were great, and it was good to see shows with people who I’ve seen rising over the last few years and really hitting their marks now.

I managed to work my butt off too, it was the most exhausting time I’ve had in Melbourne since Uni. I was working all morning on wedding albums in my hotel room, followed in the afternoon with shoots, then to some shows to book in the next days shoots. I can’t even remember the plane taking off when I left Melbourne.

So, there will be some new photos up soon, We are Klang, Joise Long, Mark Watson, Phil Nichol, Danny Bhoy, David Smiedt and Ardal O’Hanlon (who I managed to also shoot a quick family portrait with his wift and 3 kids, lots of fun!)

In additions to the comedians I did a baby shoot, which was so much fun and probably te best baby photos I’ve taken, well, my style has een evolving and this I think is my most rewarding shoot. It really captured the happy parents with their baby girl. More on this shoot to come…