Computer and other things So, my computer froze, I…

Computer and other things

So, my computer froze, I restarted it, it swore at me (but had the decency to beep out the words). I take it the computer fixer guy, (aka “The Brother”). 3 days later I get it back with the official tech report “nothing wrong with it”. Grrr… I hate it when technical objects decide they want a trip in the car.

So that put me behind a few days and I’ve slowly caught up to where I wanted to be. I have copleted all the alterations to the 4 album plans I’ve been working on. Just have to do any more corrections and then get them all printed, assembled and delivered. I also have to work on some new display albums too, it’s about time, and I am now more confident in the work I’m producing and it should be in an album!

I was also recognised from the Stateline report! A 3 year old said that I was on the TV. So that was nice. I wonder how many other people out there recognise me and don’t say anything… they are probably just watching…

Plans for the UK are going… not sure where but they are definantly going. I have come to the conclusion that I should be adopted and my real parents are from the UK (or Scottish and own a castle). But alas, little hope in that.

I’m working on Visas, Accommodation and making enough money to have over there if I can’t do any work. It’s a bit stressful, and to add to that the 25 minute phone call at $1.46 a min to the British high commission today and I believe they are actively eating at my savings. I did sacrifice a cocktail party last weekend to save money, the plan was to go, network and come home, and I saved myself about $60 in petrol and about 50985 brain cells.

So now I will sleep… after I read a bit more of Lord of the Rings. (Reading time so far Fellowship – 1 year, 2 months, Two Towers – 2 months, Return of the King (1/3rd complete – 1 week).