Couch and Carpark | Launceston Portrait Photographer

Josie asked if I could take some photos of her family, of course I said yes as that is what I do. Josie said she wanted somthing a bit different, so I said yes because that is what I do. After finding out a bit more info we settled on a shoot at Sam’s parents place, that was until Sam’s back when crack and we had to postpone the shoot for  a couple of months. Flash forward and the initial plan was overtaken by Josie’s idea for somthing different but really wanted Sam’s dad’s couch in the shot. While thinking of where somewhere different could be I looked out the window and saw my favourite carpark and the idea was born.

These kids are fantastic, all 5 of them! We all played up so much, running, jumping and generally surprising all the people coming back to their cars. Really a whole heap of fun!