Craig and Em’s Wedding | Cygnet

Normally I get to hang out with the couples a bit before the big wedding day. Craig and Em were a little bit different, we had planned to meet up last last year but Em’s friends surprised her and whisked her away. I had met Em once when she was a bridesmaid in Spider and Muff’s wedding (i just like saying their names), and I first met Craig when I walked up the steps of his parents place on his wedding day. From the first moment, I knew this was going to be a fun ride of a day. Kids everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I think I saw some on the roof, but that may have been  bird. So real bridal party as such, just  a heap of nieces and nephews to guide the bride down the aisle.

For those who don’t know where Cygnet is, I suggest you get a map and visit. Great place, great vibe and nice people. I know this because it seemed like they were all at the wedding. The ceremony and recpetion took place in a paddock next to Em’s parents house with fantastic views off down the channel.

Anyway, I should stop rambling and let you look at the photos, because as you will see, these guys are awesome! Check the bus out, and then look back at how good Em and Craig look. Must be the revitalising Cygnet air. Congratulations again you guys!