Cup Cake Day BATBOOTH!!!

I think this is the most massive-est post I have ever done. Why not! These are the people who turned up for our cupcake / open day and all deserve to be thanked for eating small cakes for the little animals. We managed to raise just under $500, so I kicked in the rest to make it an even $500, which we will be donating to the RSPCA.

Darren Pike from the Mecure Launceston for cups and table clothes.

Ros de Virieux from Latitude 39 for letting us borrow her office for BATBOOTH

Bruce my brother for making the videos, did you see them? Look here if you didn’t.

Tiarne from Rae and Partners for bringing along the most people

Zakk and Matt for keeping up with the drinks and cleaning

Molly for the best cupcakes (chocolate brownie ones!)

And my Mum for making a huge amount of cupcakes (she’s still going!)

Thanks again for coming along and enjoy the photos!

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