Current Projects

If it's one thing we love, it's a project. Taking photos to tell stories and celebrate all the truly unique families, kids, pets and everything! 

Please check out what we have going on and coming up. You can register or preregister for them if they fit you. 

KIN - Celebrating the evolution of family.

Over the years, the way families have formed family has evolved, and we want to honour every iteration.

From the nuclear families, to families who became complete via IVF or surrogate,  to the bonds of same-sex households, to the strength of single-parent homes, to those whose furry companions are family and those who have added to their families through other ways, let’s come together to share their stories in a limited edition book.


We are looking for the most passionate AFL supportes.

It’s time to get on the facepaint, grab that flag, pull on that gurnsey and glorify your passion for your AFL team!

Whether you are a new convert or part of a generational tradition, let’s get that passion immortalised and up on the wall next to that framed jumper.

This is the start of a more significant project, which will turn into a book or exhibition. 


I’m looking for Kids, aged 3 to 16-Years-Old, and their Furry Friends for the next  “BARKOLOGY” Book – Raise The Woof” which celebrates kids and the special relationship they have with their dogs. 🐕 🧒 🐕‍🦺 🧒🏻 🐩 🧒🏾


After the joy that HAPPY2023 bought to the community with it’s exhibition sharing what makes kids happy and happy smiles, it’s back in 2024! 

The project will kick off in August 2024 for an exhibition as part of International Children’s Week in October.

Click to see some of last years happiness and pre-register – Only 15 spots will be avaliable.

Kaliedescope Kids - Coming Soon

Kids love stuff, they get into and hyper focused on their passions. 

From loving collecting Pokemon, to loving costumes, to… anything! 

ASD friendly and welcomed.

Little Tradies, Big Hearts - Coming Soon

Tradie’s kids are pretty cute. Not many professions have kids who want to dress up just like their parents do for work and have their own mini tools!

It’s time to celebrate that special time and also raise funds to help prevent suicide in the construction industry.