Dan and Elise

On Saturday, Zakk and I had the great pleasure of shooting Dan and Elise’s wedding. It was fantastic to have such and easy going couple, even when the rain came it was no problem!

Like always i caught up with the girls and guys before to get some preparation shots. First it was off to Convict Cutters for some shots of the girls getting their hair done. The guys and girls there did a fantastic job, and I’m sure it wasn’t because of the bridesmaids is one of their stylists!

Dan and the boys were out at Dan’s parents place in Evendale. I noticed the contrast in cars in the garage as i arrived, the Chrysler and the beat up old van. I had no idea the beat up old van was pretty much the 4 groomsman and a family icon known as the Tonemobile. I love different kinds of wedding cars, and it’s great to have a car that has a special meaning .

Elise and the girls had their final preparations at her Grandparents house, which has the most amazing garden. All the girls dresses were made by Elise’s mum, were only finished the morning of the wedding and looked fantastic.


The wedding was out in Longford at the little catholic church near the sports grounds. The place was packed with family and friends. After the ceremony we headed off to Richmond Hill, a property near Cressy that I had never hear of before and very glad I know it now. The place has so much character and hundreds of good spots for photos. Just as we arrived the rain also arrived. It didn’t really dampen the spirits, it was gone before we knew it and let us get some great umbrella shots.




we went for a walk into one of the fields to get the last of the light. I was a little excited by the light and location and didn’t even mind laying on the wet, cow poo infested grass to get these shots! (special thanks to the guys at Daisy Fresh Drycleaning for getting the stains out!)




It all ended with the warm and fully decked out reception out at The Happy Chef at Jessen Lodge.

Congratulations again Dan and Elise, I hope Thailand is fantastic and I’ll see you when you get back!