David O’Doherty Shower So, you know whe…

David O’Doherty


So, you know when you wake up and find 3 men in your bathroom, which may be fine if you happen to live with three men and nto by yourself… one in my landlord, one is a plumber and the other says “Wombat… you’re famous”. No idea who that guy is, but I like him.

Seems as if the shower in the flat above me is leaking (may have something to do with the 8 guys in a 2 bedroom flat above using the shower a lot). This leak has started to destroy the shower I’m in and the roof of the bathroom below me. I’m assured that it will all be fixed today and I’ll have a new shower. For now I have to run across the road to another flat to have a shower.

As of 1 am this morning I don’t have a shower, literally, there is just a big hole where it is supposed to be. Starting to get slightly annoyed.

So no shower, went to my friend Jemma’s place for a shower. I was also assured that I would have shower that evening. Late that evening no shower and the added advantage of no water, so in the morning I dropped around to my landlords and had a shower there while he tried to find out why I still didn’t have a shower. He assurance me that there would be a shower there that night.

Arrived home, no shower plus the added bonus of sawdust from all through the flat and over all my things. Next morning I went and had another shower at Jemma’s. And that brings you up to date, we will see what happens later on today.

In other news…

More photos, had some more people booked in, had some cancel. I’m going to hang out in the assembly room bar tonight and see who else I can find to shoot on the last few days of the festival.

Also getting my lens repaired at the moment, not costing as much as I expected.

Some friends are up for the major awards here, Rhod Gilbert, Tim Minchin and Charlie Pickering up for Perrier best newcomer and Chris Addison up for the Perrier best show.

Seen quite a few shows, last night was a highlight some of the biggest names in a latenight show where they were all on stage together, Jimmy Carr, Dimitri Martin, David O’Doherty, and Tim Minchin all playing off each other.

I’m planning a 5 day trip around the north of Scotland, so more news on that later. Also have the update for Photoshop so i can view raw files and shoots are going well.

I’m off to spend $10 on a coffee…