Day 12 Saturday was a really good day, I spent …

Day 12

Saturday was a really good day, I spent most of it on a little drive in the country with Tori, a friend from Uni who is about to go overseas for an extended period of time. I thought that she needed to get out of the city for a little bit so we headed to the Yarra Valley, first to a dairy, then to a national park where we sa and played chess on my new cool board. Then off to another small town where we had some lunch and then back into the city. I like Melbourne and it’s inner suburbs, I like the areras just out of the city but I can’t stand the 1 – 2 hour drive through urban sprawl to get from one to the other. Tori noticed that in Bundoora, au outer suburb, they are cramming large amounts of town houses together with little space for yards or real living room, and across there is a large area of nothing, just eempty space. You would think that being in the outer areas you coulsd afford to have some space and not be so cramped.

We went and had some dinner in the city and a beer, then went and saw Justin Hamilton’s show “Purple Cows”, I actually told him after the show how muchn I enjoyed it, one of my favorites for the festival. I really enjoy his delivery and structure, I remrember last year seeing his flat, which was plastered with large pieces of paper which was essentially the show and it’s layout for him to study constantly. Justin deserves big crowds and I hope they find him soon.

I was planning on seeing another show after Justin, but thought that it would ruin te memory of his show, so ididn’t. I did end up at the Festival Club and saw a great set from Adam Hills MC’s witrh some great performances. After that the Superband came on. The Superband was formed by the Scardies and is a full on band and even has a brass sectioin. It gives other comedians the chance to get up and pretend to be Rock start for the night, hignlights included seeing Rob Rouse and Howard Read singing living on a prayer and Dave Gorman doing his regular stagedive… but unlike previous years, the crowd parted faster then the red sea and he did a bit of a face plant.. BUT KEPT SINGGING, which has increased my opinion of him even more..

I ended up drinking a bit too much and found my way home via a cab full of other Tasmanians. Janita, Josh and Justin to be precise, they had been waiting for a taxi for a while and I managed to arrive in heaps of time to join them.

I’m going to Healsville Sanctuary on Thursday with a few comedians from the UK and US. Should be a good day, I just have to be back in time to pick up my prints. I also have a potential wedding meeting that night.