Day 13 Sunday was initially spent sleeping, the…

Day 13

Sunday was initially spent sleeping, then I got up and went west to meet Vaya and Jo, my next comedians. We ended up in a large grass, kinda scrubby area behind some houses in the western suburbs. It was a challenge as there was little shade and lots of sun. There were a couple of different variations that I’m happy with, and they are too.

I went into the city after that, I had planned on seeing Janer’s show, but was late. I ended up seeing Maria Bamford, who was a lot better than I expected, I don’t know why I didn’t have high expectations, but she was great, I’m looking forward to taking her photo as I can now see there is a lot to work with. I went home after that, still feeling the effects of the night before. I went to bed… couldn’t sleep. So I went back into the city, initially to Duckboard House where it was going off again, lots of people, lots of drinking. I picked up Mick and went down to the ABC studios, where I spent the next 5 hours hanging about as Justin Hamilton and Courtney Hocking did a mid-dawn shift. There were lots of people about and I’m glad that Mick got a bit of an interview, I’m not too sure that 3am is a good time for an interview but it’s still something I managed to get onto the mike at 5am, which is a good time as I think people would start to be waking up then. I then went and slept.

The Tasmanian awards were also judged today, I think I managed to get 7 silvers, which is good. I have to now decide what to enter into the APPA’s in a few weeks time. I think I will be entering one of the Matt King images, I think they could be my Anthony Morgan of 2004…but not quite as good…. Well.. nearly… I prefer it over the award winning one of Morgan.

I have also lost count of coffees.