Day 6 Enter Suzi2 Yes… thanks to the help of…

Day 6

Enter Suzi2

Yes… thanks to the help of my parents, and for some funds being sent through in advance for a job in October I’m not the proud owner of a Fuji S3 (The old S@ was called Suzi… well I never call I that, but that was it’s unofficial name.

And the damage? 1660 pounds. That clears out my visa card and all my bank accounts. It’s going to be an interesting could of weeks. Thankfully I have free wireless happening.

In other news, I have managed to get an pass to the Assembly Rooms bar, this bar is the high roller bar, a place for the big names to go and not be hassled. In my first night there I met a few people and then some more people and even more people.

I’ve managed to make a few contacts over here just dealing with managers buying images. Now I have met them and they have introduced me on to other people and that has to be a good thing.

Other shows I’ve seen Umbilical Brothers (Amazing… best show I’ve seen so far) Michael Mee (OK, kind of likes his material, just a little lost in the delivery).

I have also remembered, I’m not here for the festival… I’m really here to make some money, time to knuckle down and get on with it. I’ll be staying in Edinburgh a few days after the festival now, so I’ll do some sightseeing then.

Ok, time to go take some photos… finally.