To delete history…. | Blogging thoughts

Saffron, Rickets Point Sunrise

I used to blog alot.

And I mean aaaalllootttttt, Just have a look at the number of posts on here? That’s a veritable shit load of blog and images.

The debate in my head and with some friends was should I start fresh, ignore all the old posts and just put new shoots and thoughts up. I’m not sure if it’s the right thing but I decided that history is important, it is a little embarrassing some of the old old posts… early 20’s just writing thoughts down and posting then… no one was really reading it anyway. I think.
But it’s my history, and i’m pretty happy that all that has been written and posted has lead me to where I am now. So it may not be the best of things, the best images, the best spelling or grammar (this post isn’t either!) but it is my past and i’m pretty happy with it… I’m ignoring what I said before, i’m not embarrassed by the old blog, i’m grateful for it.

So, be warned, if you delve deep you will find things that aren’t who I am now, there will be some negativity, some regrettable post and maybe even some dodgy photos BUT there is also travel, adventure, thoughts, great photos and for me fantastic memories.

So enjoy the batblog, all together again for the first time in 5 years. Some of the images are missing, it happens when you switch from blogging platform back in early blogging days. I’m sad about that but he words are there, and thats awesome.

Thanks for reading… now dive deep of you like, or just keep on watching for the latest updates. I’ll be back to ramble some more soon