DENDRITIKA – 12 Days of Bayside Christmas

Sometimes you come across something that is so special it needs to be shouted about everywhere, and since I first spied Melissa from Dendritika’s artwork I’ve been telling and showing everyone about it. Now it’s your tune to hear about it!

Ever since dabbling in some craft markets with my wife over 10 years ago we have had a soft spot for laser cut wood crafts and Melissa does that really well on the little things like the Christmas ornaments but her true brilliance is the layered artworks.

Here is a quick Q&A with Melissa

How long have you been operating
I’ve been operating since June this year and officially launched my brand in October.

What is it you sell / do
I sell artwork, jewellery and a few other laser cut creations. Typically I use wood for most of my products but I occasionally delve into other materials such as acrylic and leather.

What you love doing what you do / the product you sell
I love the intricacy and science that is behind the products I sell. To the untrained eye they are aesthetically pleasing shapes but behind their appearance is complex design and engineering.

What is it you love about this time of the year
I absolutely love the holiday season! I love how cheerful the world is and the spirit of giving in the air. I especially love how everyone decorates their homes, I often go for a drive around the neighbourhood in the evening to check out the lighting displays that people put so much effort into!


Facebook: dendritika

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