Digital Files now avaliable for your past and future portrait sessions

After reviewing what Photobat is all about , I realised that we missed something. We started listening to the wrong people, and those people weren’t out clients. They were business advisors who didn’t know our clients and lead us in some interesting directions but not always the best ones for you, our friends and clients. I’m sorry we didn’t listen as well as we should have.

Now we have realised that we have redeveloped our pricing guide and also started to offer the product that everyone wants, your portraits delivered in a digital format that you can print yourselves.

As an introduction, for all clients who have had shoots and would like the files from their previous sessions we are having a short term sale with the full set of files at $335. If you spent over $2000 or have had multiple sessions you can have all the files for only $167 per session.

This special is available until the 7th of November 2012 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or gift vouchers. After the 7th of November you still will be able to purchase your files at $550 per session.

Click here to purchase your files now

For all future session you now have the option of getting us to create high quality print and canvas artworks and / or getting the image files so you can create and share your images as you wish.

When purchasing the images from future session you can buy the digital files individually, in sets of 5 or get every shot from your session. You will get two versions of each file you purchase, a low resolution (good for social media / email / digital photo frames) and high resolution (good for printing).

Files start from $245 individually, and if you choose to get the whole set you will be paying well under $95 per file. Plus special deals can be made when purchasing both files and prints.

Also other good news for you is that I have reviewed all our products and pricing and been able to reduce the price many of our most popular products. The full pricelist of all our print and products is available here for you to check out.
You can also purchase prints and products from any previous session that you have already made an initial purchase from at these new rates.