Do you know someone who’s photograph skill need some polishing?

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Give the gift of a photo check up this Christmas!

Do you know someone who loves taking photos but isn’t happy with what comes when they press the button?
Is it time they got some coaching to get their images to the next level?
Always wondered what makes other images stand out?

I have a passion for good photography, really it’s an addiction i’ve been enjoying for 20 years.
As photography is getting taken up as a hobby by so many people these days i’d love to share some of my knowledge and insights into how to improve your photography.

What’s Included
A review of where your photography skills are currently at.
A professionals eye on how you can improve both while taking photos and after you have captured
The basic of what makes and image better than average including things like composition, camera angle, basic camera skill tips and even some advanced ones if you are ready.
Personalised report at the end covering what was discussed and maybe some homework.

How will we do it?
Select 10-15 images you love and or want to improve.
Send them through to me and i’ll put together some notes for you.
We will arrange a time one evening to Skype / Go To Meeting and go through your images, we will share screens and i can offer some real tips, give you some insights into how to improve what you are already doing and give you inspiration and ideas to take your imagery to the next level.

Best suited to
People who are open to coaching and are eager to learn
People who want to know how certain images are captured
People with any kind of camera, from iPhone to pro level
People who especially love shooting portraits, landscape and travel photos, but not limited to those areas.

So, what do I know?
14 years working as a professional photographer over many genres in many countries
9 years judging state Australian Institute of Professional photography awards both local and interstate
7 years judging at AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards
Category wins in Tasmania and Victoria state professional photography awards
Former Tasmanian Photographer of the Year
Feedback given to a competitor at a state award resulted in the image scoring highest scoring print in australis at the last APPA awards!.
Plus next year i’ve been picked to judge my local primary school photography fete competition!

How much?
Add on 1 – additional 20 minute session 4 weeks after the initial session to review progress and pick up more ideas!
Add on 2 – $165 for a personalised meet up in Melbourne and go over in person and some real world shooting putting into practice what was discussed, total 2 hours
*professional pricing available on request…

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