Doctor Doctor

Initially, Pete and Amanda contacted me they were in Tanzania doing what doctors do in Tanzania, helping out to make the world better for everyone. They were my first skype booking and dropped by in November to meet and have some engagement portraits taken.

I didn’t recognise Pete when he dropped in on Friday to have a chat about his wedding. last time he dropped by he looked like this…

Now he has no mustache, less hair and a pink t-shirt… in fact most of the Groom-al Party had pink t-shirts. As you can probably tell by the photo, we took some photos of the guys before they headed off for the Dove Lake Circuit at Cradle mountain.

The girls were busy getting prettied up at Lemonthyme Lodge, about half an hour away from Cradle. There was a fantastic sound track playing and much fruit cheese and chocolate.

Once everyone was ready to roll, it was down to the ceremony, also at Lemonthyme Lodge. Pete’s school minister traveled down from Victoria for the ceremony along with family and friends from almost every state and some international guests too.

I love this shot, taken before the ceremony of Pete, Amanda’s brother Chris and Grandfather. Just one of those moments that sum up the atmosphere.

After the ceremony Amanda turned into a 4WD bride and we went for a little walk down to the river to some a few shots, which some how turned into a Flash Gordon quote-fest. The river was perfect and provided some much needed shade, i think the interstate guests were amazed at how warm it was.

The reception was decorated with hundreds of candles and the cake had a very Australian theme with gum nut babies as toppers!

Pete and Amanda are heading off to Lord Howe island for a little bit of a break before heading back to Alice Springs to be Dr and Dr Wallis at the hospital there. I think the people of Alice Springs are lucky to have a couple of amazing and fun people as doctors.