Dogs, Ducks and other weekend photos

It was a busy Saturday, a couple of shoots in Hobart and another in Launceston.  More about them later in the week. Here are a few nice random shots from the weekend.

Madeline with her colourful dog tag bling

Zak in the grass, gotta love that new lens!

The hardware bag belongs to James, he has had it for years and it still functions well as a general bag

This is Zak retrieving a clients hat he was looking after… and i just realised he has my new lens in his other hand… which is over rocks and water… hmm…

This is a duck, a Battery Point duck to be precise

Another dog, but I have no idea whom it belongs to but it is cute

Another nice shot from down Battery Point way, I really like this one which i can only assume is a greandfather and granddaugher.