Donut Hunting | Melbourne Holiday Family Portrait

Life gets pretty busy for families. One of the absolute best ways to disconnect from reality and hang out together is to go on an adventure, which is what The Quill’s did a couple of weeks back.
They left Launceston behind and headed to Melbourne for a bit of random Melbourne adventuring.

I love that they decided to update their family photos that I took a few years back in Launceston with some fun ones here on the streets of Melbourne.

One of the things I like to do before a holiday portrait session is to work out a bit of a plan. This shoot was about getting from the hotel to find the “secret hidden doughnut shop”. A mission the kids were very excited to go on. I took them down alleyways, big streets, past street art, down garden laneways until we emerged at Shortstop, my favourite little doughnut shop… and the kids loved it!

I’ve got a couple more Tamsnian families booked in for city exploring sessions on their holidays. Every session is different, I’ve taken people to hidden cocktail bars, down alleyways to sit on milkcrates and drink coffee right through to hanging out on rooftops and seeing Melbourne as they didn’t know existed! Drop me a line if you would like me to take you on a city adventure!