Ebonee and Paul

Last Friday was a heap of fun. Ebonee and Paul’s wedding was fantastic and there were so many little things that made the day so much fun. Initially Zakk and I did some private investigating work, searching Salamanca for Paul and his parents… after doing a sweep of all the cafes there was only one more place to look. The Pub, and that is where we found them! From there we went off to a tiny little room at the Battery Point Guest House to take some shots of Paul getting his gear on. This tiny room had a wardrobe, in the wardrobe was the bathroom, which was kind of cool and also quite wierd, but Paul looked good!











Ebonee was in a little bit more spacious room at the top of three flights of stairs in one of the best places I had shot a wedding in Tasmania. If you haven’t heard of D’entrecasteaux, you will be soon. It is set to be the best wedding location in Tasmania and John and Sheryl the owners are also fantastic. So it has everything as you will see below.


As you can see Ebonee looked amazing, and the rooms in this location let us come up with some really different images.

And of course a little bit on Bon Jovi lead to some girls getting up to no good…

 As the weather was all over the place, an inside ceremony was called for, and i know i’ve said it many times before, Kay Haward did another great job at marring these two.



 A quick snap to be sms’ed over to Paul’s family back in the UK


How much do I love this spot? I’m sure there are over 1000 different spots for photos. And I could have used them all if there was time, Eb and Paul are so cute and photogenic.


 Thanks again Eb and Paul for sharing your day with us, we had a ball and your shots will be up on the website soon. Enjoy the rest of your stay in our little Island before heading off to that cold gray England place!