It is not that often I do a real commercial job, I do not really advertise that I do them. Last week I had the oppotunity to do one for an annual report. It involved fighting our way through the fog to get to Devonport, then shooting many people involved with the electrical trades. These couple of shots were just some grabs in between the main shots.

It was a bit of a challenge, lots of thinking on my feet and finding the interesting shots… which… now I write it… sounds like everything else I shoot! As a lot of people know, I will go that extra big if it will be a great photo. For this shoot it involved laying in the gravel, followed by laying on an office desk with my feet planted onto a cupboard for support. I remembered to take off my shoes this time, last time i did something like that I left foot prints that looked like someone was walking up the wall.

My uni lecturer Phred would probably like this shot, lighting is a little bit more interesting than what I normally pull out. Nothing like a bit of a change!

These are all still taken on the old camera… new camera shots soon!