Em and Moosa + Tilly | Engagement / Family Portrait


After a couple of postponements (sickness and weather, can’t wait for winter to go away with all it’s germy badness) we finally managed to get Em and Moosa’s engagement shoot done. Of course, this engagement shoot had the added bonus of the very adorable Tilly in attendance to add another layer of cuteness.





Trying to stop taking photos of Tilly was hard but we did managed to get a few shots of just the soon to be weds.





Em is a florist / interior designer and has done flowers for a few wedding and I’m really excited to be shooting the wedding later in the year. It’s also exciting as I’ll be tag teaming the wedding with the talented Belinda Fettke, we will both be shooting the wedding. Going to be a really fantastic day, full of beautiful vibes and beautiful people!